Fr. Paul Robinson v. Robert Sungenis

Robert Sungenis responds to Fr. Paul Robinson's latest rebuttal regarding evolution. October 2018.

Debate on Geocentrism: David Palm (DP) versus Robert Sungenis (RS) July 2018

DP: Let me say at the outset that I’d be happy to discuss the matter of the ether and the Michelson‐Morley experiment further on the Non Sequitur Show. This has been a central argument in the controversy. As I’ll lay out below, I don’t think this works out well for the geocentric viewpoint and I’d be willing to unpack that in another discussion.

RS: After reviewing your comments below, I think your whole case stands or falls on how you have interpreted the 1887 Michelson‐Morley experiment, and the related experiments, such as the 1913 Sagnac experiment, the 1925 Michelson‐Gale experiment, and the 2000s sapphire resonator experiments. Suffice it to say, I am now convinced beyond a doubt that you
misinterpret them.

Check Your Brains at the Door

On July 30, 2014, the then future president of Catholic Answers gave a lecture on the Galileo affair, which was hosted by the Institute of Catholic Culture. The title of the lecture was, “Galileo on Trial: Why the Church was Right,” but you would never guess that title from listening to what Mr. Check actually says in the lecture.

Flat Earth | Flat Wrong

An Historical, Biblical and Scientific Analysis is the latest of Robert Sungenis’ intriguing works. Sparked by the recent and ongoing controversy in social media on whether the Earth is flat and covered by a dome, or is a spherical body surrounded by the vastness of space, Robert was commissioned by the Kolbe Center to write this book and show why, historically, biblically and scientifically, the globe Earth is the true reality. It is by far the most detailed and comprehensive exposé on the flat Earth theory ever written from the critical side of the debate.
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"The Church Versus Galileo"

COMING 2018!

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