2807, 2016

The Church Versus Galileo – Official Trailer

Watch the Trailer Below.

The Church Versus Galileo is the third in a series of movies, beginning with The Principle in 2014 and Journey to the Center of the Universe in 2015. [...]

505, 2016

Critique of the 2015 Carter/Sarfati Paper Titled: “Why the Universe does not Revolve Around the Earth: Refuting Absolute Geocentrism”

A Critique of the 2015 Carter/Sarfati Paper Against Geocentrism

2804, 2016

News The Axis of Evil Just Got a New Brother!

Image Credit: Max Tegmark

Article by: Robert Sungenis
Chairmen: Stellar Motion Pictures
Executive Producer: The Principle and Journey to the Center of the Universe.


Have I got some news for you!

I’m sure you have all followed [...]

2206, 2015

REVIEW: Edgar A Suter MD

Many deny and dethrone the Creator by insisting there is no creation, no creation of man and no creation of the universe, only accidents. There are a dozen lines of evidence against macro-evolution, the never-substantiated [...]

1806, 2015

REVIEW: Harry Ricker III

"Galileo Was Wrong, A Scientific Documentary On Geocentrism produced by CAI Publishing INC., is a science documentary that is different from the usual science that we are supposed to believe in. It is an astonishingly [...]