The Coming Paradigm Shift

Make no mistake about it. Science is more like a religion these days than it is empirical science. If you want to see examples of this, take a gander at the recent controversy elicited by the article that appeared in Scientific American titled, “Pop Goes the Universe,” when several well‐known and respected mainstream physicists called [...]

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Robitaille and The Origin of the CMB

For those who have been investigating the remarkable alignments of the CMB with our Earth since The Principle debuted in 2014, there is one fly in the ointment of which we wish to make you aware. It comes from a professional, although not a one in the hard sciences of cosmology or cosmogony, but a [...]

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A Critique of Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor, Ph.D. is the executive vice-president of book publishing and book publisher for Crossway and blogs at Between Two Worlds. His contribution to the issue of how to interpret Genesis 1 is that he is advocating a modern Reformed Protestant position that Genesis does not teach a specific chronology of creation and does not [...]

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What Allows the Sun to Revolve Around the Earth

In a recent posting by one of the critics of geocentrism, David Palm, it is alleged that geocentrism is false because there is no way it can explain, by means of gravity, how the Sun can revolve around the Earth. Although this objection has been answered many times and in various ways in our books [...]

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The Church Versus Galileo – Official Trailer

Watch the Trailer Below.

The Church Versus Galileo is the third in a series of movies, beginning with The Principle in 2014 and Journey to the Center of the Universe in 2015. The first two movies dealt with the scientific issues, whereas the third movie deals with the historical issues surrounding the [...]

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