I participated in the Flat Earth debate held in Denver, CO on November 15 between myself and Rob Skiba. The debate went very well for our side, I believe. In fact, one of the flat-earthers came up to me immediately after the debate and said that although he was a flat-earther, I won the debate. You can see him toward the end of the video. The crowd, by and large, were very nice and accommodating, except for a few hecklers in the audience, but they were silenced by those in charge. The live stream was filled with derisive comments, however, but they tended to ease off toward the latter part of the debate. Most of their comments were inane. This particular debate focused only on what the Bible has to say about the Earth, whether it is spherical or flat. The total debate time was two hours: 30 minutes each for Opening Statements; 15 minutes each for Rebuttal; and 15 minutes each for Closing Statements. Robert Sungenis

Fox News 11 coverage: