Many deny and dethrone the Creator by insisting there is no creation, no creation of man and no creation of the universe, only accidents. There are a dozen lines of evidence against macro-evolution, the never-substantiated theory that a new species can evolve from an older species, that man evolved eventually from a broth of energized chemicals, but the 2 DVD set Galileo Was Wrong (GWW) does not address the evidence against macro-evolution. Instead GWW addresses the evidence against the cosmological theories of a mechanistic and uncreated universe. As evolution had its heretic priest Teilhard de Chardin, cosmology’s Fr. Georges Lemaitre makes his own anti-Biblical cameo in GWW.

In a little over 4 hours, GWW presents and deflates models of the universe theorized by men struggling to deny creation and, by inference, to deny our Creator. GWW first lays the foundation, the early models of Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo, and Brahe. As the accumulation of ever more refined data weakened the heliocentric and Big Bang models, an assortment of Band-Aids and evidence-free fudge factors were quickly offered, only to be subsequently debunked. In ironic justice, the confounding data were acquired in experiments designed to rescue the theories. After the 19th century Michelson-Morley experiment disproved movement of the earth through the heavens, Einstein rode to attempt rescue in the 20th century. He first offered his Special Theory of Relativity, only to subsequently contradict himself about the presence of “the ether” in space and the limited speed of light with his General Theory of Relativity. Both theories were confounded by Sagnac in 1913 and Michelson-Gale-Pearson in 1925. Anti-creationist partisans have kept the lid on every scientific embarrassment of cosmology (and macro-evolution).

GWW illustrates complexities and contradictions with dynamic graphics and lucid narration. GWW thoroughly documents the grudging admissions by Einstein, Lorentz, Eddington, Pauli, Michelson, Hawking, and other cosmologists of much-vaunted stature. Unsurprisingly, those reluctant confessions have received not even a gloss by our anti-Christ culture, institutions, and media. Happily GWW quotes respected physicists like Ashok K. Singal who have openly admitted that “the Copernican Principle of Cosmology” is in deep trouble.

Level by level GWW builds understanding of successive experiments that have falsified heliocentrism and the Big Bang. We are entertained to follow how Einstein glossed over the contradictions in his theories while still basking in the glow of a fawning media that concealed both his failures and his plagiarism. From Einstein’s never-defined “lambda” fudge factor to the never-observed “dark matter” and “dark energy” fudge factors, GWW amuses us with the ever more convoluted efforts to rescue the anti-Creationist theories.

NASA and the European Space Agency have sent a series of probes intended to “prove” the homogeneity and isotropy of a supposed Big Bang universe. Such proof would, by inference, demonstrate the insignificance of planet earth and mankind. The outcome? Ever more refined data from higher resolution deep space probes, COBE in 1990, WMAP in 2001, and Planck in 2013, have demonstrated the opposite, the inhomogeneity and anisotropy of the universe with our earthly home at it’s geometric center. The data showed three axes of symmetry intersecting our earth at the center of the universe: (1) the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) dipole aligned with the earth’s equator, (2) the CMBR quadrupole aligned with the earth’s ecliptic plane, and (3) concentric galaxy, quasar, and x-ray burst alignment with the earth’s equator and North Celestial Pole.

So much for the late Carl Sagan’s fantasy that, “[W]e live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.” Quite the contrary, GWW makes the irrefutable case consistent with scientific observation and Scripture that the earth is special and we too are special in our privileged place in the universe. Galileo was wrong and the Church was—and still is—right. You, God, we praise!

Edgar A Suter MD
Phoenix AZ